2024 Iceland Equine Photo Tour

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Home from another fabulous Iceland Equine Photo Tour! A big shout out to the beautiful group of ladies that joined me this year for my 2024 Iceland Equine Photo Tour; Jackie, Patti, Faith, Tracy, Kim and Chris! We were blessed with amazing photographic opportunities, wonderful fellowship, delicious food and lots of laughter thanks to the lovely hospitality provided to us by Skálakot Manor Hotel and staff. Each generation in Iceland… Read More

Photographing Horses and Other Animals Together

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Photographing horses and other animals together can create heartwarming images that capture the relationships and dynamics between different species. This is a great opportunity to create memorable photographs that tell a story and evoke emotion. If you shoot for clients, being able to add other animals to your equestrian shoot is a huge plus. By including their extended family you’ll be able to tell the full story by highlighting that… Read More

C Lazy U Ranch 2024 Photographers Winter Getaway

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Cowgirls with Cameras first ever Winter Photography event was AMAZING! Thank you to the wonderful group of photographers that joined us at the C Lazy U Ranch for some winter photography, what a fantastic group! We had such a great time with each of you, thanks to Allison, Carole, Joanne, Faith, Courtney, Ren and Tim! We all had such a fabulous time, we are still on a high from this… Read More

Getaway for some Winter Photography Fun

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I’m so excited about our upcoming getaway for some Winter Photography fun at the C Lazy U Ranch in beautiful Colorado that I thought I’d help get myself in the mood with a wintry blog post! Let’s talk about winter photography, shooting in frigid temps and snowy conditions. Dall Sheep, Dalton HIghway, Alaska I know you’re probably thinking, “Phyllis, you live in Georgia…what do you know about shooting in the… Read More

How to make Low-Key Portrait Images POP

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MAKE LOW-KEY PORTRAITS POP This week I’d like to show you how to make low-key portrait images POP three ways using NIK 6 Silver Efex, my favorite Black and White conversion plug-in. This portrait of Rick, was taken during our Dryhead Ranch Retreat this year.  Image SOOC (straight out of the camera) with square crop applied. Obviously, I need to clean the background up so I Selected the subject (as… Read More

The First Art of the Cowgirl Oklahoma Gathering!

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This week I’ll tell you all about our Art of the Cowgirl Oklahoma experience followed by a sprinkle of our Wyoming travels! Part 2 of my travel journal! Early mornings pay off when you are blessed with this kind of light…thanks Laura! Each year Art of the Cowgirl hosts a Montana Gathering in Big Timber, this year they added an Oklahoma Gathering! During the gathering there are workshops and clinics… Read More

Trappers Lake Lodge 2023 Photography ADVENTURE!

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Hey everyone, well I’ve been home from my whirlwind, marathon trip out west now for a little over a week and I’ve not even made a dent in any progress toward getting all the images edited that I took over the course of my three weeks on the road. This Blog Post is Part 1 of an overview of my travels. I left home on September 28 headed for Denver… Read More

Cottonwood Ranch Photography Experience

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The second year for our Cowgirls with Cameras Cottonwood Ranch Photography Experience was filled with fabulous photographic opportunities and wonderful fellowship with an eager group of photographers. The ranch pulled out all the stops to make the week a success. Huge thanks to McKenzie, Jason, Easton, Cavin and Kyle for the lovely hospitality and all your hard work. I know I for one gained a few from eating Joe’s delicious… Read More

Photos can make or break a sale

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Photos can make or break a sale. So how do you take a good conformation shot? Planning, preparation, and patience are key to helping your photo shoot go smoothly.   Look for a good location with level ground that is free from buildings, vehicles, or other distractions.  If there’s a fence behind your subject, make sure there is plenty of separation (distance) between the two so the fence can fade… Read More

The Art of the Crop

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The ART of the CROP (this has nothing to do with growing corn, soybeans or other crops)  I do prefer to get my images as close to the way I’d like it in camera. However, sometimes that isn’t possible or it’s as simple as we don’t see the “real” story until we get the image file on the computer. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mindful cropping is a creative decision that can significantly impact… Read More

Dryhead Ranch Retreat and my travels to MT this July!

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Dryhead Ranch Retreat 2023 …. what a wild ride! The Dryhead Ranch is a four-generation working ranch nestled in the Pryor Mountains on the Crowe Indian Reservation in Montana. Each July Cowgirls with Cameras head to the Dryhead for our yearly photography retreat. This is a working cattle ranch with lots going on this time of year, moving, and doctoring cattle, wrangling the cavvy in and out each day, checking… Read More

It’s Iceland Baby!

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  WoW…another fabulous Iceland Equine Photo Tour is in the books! Every year I think it just can’t get any better but the farm at Skalakot delivers in every way, the scenery, the horses, the hospitality and oh my goodness the cuisine! Of course, having a wonderful group of photographers to share the experience with each year makes it an even more memorable experience for all. A huge thank you… Read More

2023 Art of the Cowgirl Montana Gathering

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I just returned home from a whirlwind trip to Florida and Montana. I headed down to Ocala first where I met Olana Osborn of Olana Films for a one-day Video Workshop. I told myself this time I was going to dedicate myself to working on what I had learned that day, but my crazy schedule means I’m on the go and on the road. That, along with a less than… Read More

Capturing the Correct Moment of Stride

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Here’s a quote I want you to keep in mind today: You never look good trying to make someone else look bad. My major goal when photographing horses is to always do my best to capture images that enhance their conformation.  Capturing just the right shot at the correct moment of stride to make him look his best is key. Timing is important here and it takes a lot of… Read More

Photographing Foals

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Photographing foals can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it requires a bit of patience and preparation. Here are some tips to help you capture great photos of these adorable creatures: Be prepared: Foals are unpredictable, so it’s important to plan ahead of time. Make sure you have all the equipment you need, including a camera with a fast shutter speed and a lens of at least 200mm that… Read More

How I salvaged a very underexposed image!

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This week is going to be a quick edit for you of a low-key image that I initially thought I would trash. Backlight is like Art to me, add a Wild Horse with what we fondly call Witches’ knots in their mane and that gorgeous rim light of the setting sun…. well, I had to at least try to make something out of it! Witches’ knots are the tangles that… Read More

St Augustine Horses on the Beach 2023

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                             What a fabulous weekend we had at our Horses on the Beach Workshop in St Augustine! A huge thank you to all the wonderful photographers that joined us, what a lovely group you were! We were all so excited to see the amazingly, talented and gorgeous models and horses put together for us by my co-host… Read More

Art of the Cowgirl 2023 What a ride!

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So much to share from my trip to Arizona and Art of the Cowgirl where we had the pleasure to celebrate, connect and honor women in the western industry. This is an annual gathering to celebrate cowgirls and their artistic contributions to the western lifestyle thru competition, the arts and education. Art of the Cowgirl features female makers, including master artists, silversmiths, braiders, saddle makers and horsewomen. This event raises… Read More

My Creative Process

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Hey everyone, I’m headed west to Art of the Cowgirl this week for our Photography Clinic hosted by Kim Beer and myself. We will have eleven eager young photographers to join us and I cannot wait! Cara and Marci will be holding down the fort at our Cowgirls with Cameras Booth where we will be offering art for sale and putting out the word about our upcoming events for 2023…. Read More

Cold Weather Tips for you and your Gear

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  Cold Weather Tips for you and your Gear I absolutely love winter photography, more so when I’m able to shoot anything in the snow. I’ve photographed the Northern Lights in Alaska, Canada and Iceland, Snowy Owls in Canada, Polar Bears in Canada and Alaska and Great Gray Owls in Minnesota. All in frigid arctic air well below zero and for each of these subjects it was a waiting game… Read More

Getting Started as a Book Cover Photographer

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How to get started as a Book Cover Photographer   I was amazed to learn that over 3000 books a day are published every day just on Amazon. That’s a lot of authors out there looking for book cover images. While self-published books are most likely using Royalty Free images, companies like Arcangel Images build their business on licensing Rights Managed images for book cover use. Years ago, I got… Read More

Holiday Photography

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Holiday Photography The holidays are just around the corner, photos for holiday cards and portraits to be given as gifts need to be taken soon! If you’re looking for how to advice for Holiday pics or just need a little inspiration, I hope these tips will help. Think about Composites! These horses were shot individually and then composited in Photoshop. If you’re doing a black background shoot most any time… Read More

The Cottonwood Experience by Cowgirls with Cameras

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  What a fabulous time we had for our first official event for the three of us (Cara, Kim and myself) to host as Cowgirls with Cameras! Our week at the Cottonwood Ranch in Wells, Nevada was filled with new friendships, beautiful fellowship, fantastic subjects in stunning light, education, great food (thanks Agee and Vicki!) and so much more! The Cottonwood is a working horse, cattle and hunting ranch located… Read More

How to Use SEO to Get Discovered Online

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Over the past few years, I’ve realized how important SEO is for growing my business. If that’s new to you, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Basically, it means doing what you can to make it easier for the right people to find your website online. Since websites aren’t my area of expertise, I’ve invited my friend Denise Alvarez, owner of Stormlily Marketing and host of the How to Market… Read More

Iceland Equine Photo Tour

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The Icelandic Horse is beautiful in the iconic scenery of their native country, coming or going! After a two-year hiatus my Iceland Equine Photo Tour was finally a go this year and let me say the country and all it has to offer did not disappoint.  The stunning landscapes, natural beauty, the variety of adventures, food and of course, the horses were all amazing. For our hosts at Skalakot Farm… Read More

Photography Model Calls and Working With Models

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Have you ever worked with models? If it’s not something you’re used to, it can be a bit intimidating. That’s why I’m going to share with you some of my best tips for model calls and working with models! But first, let’s talk about why photographing models matters. Models are important to your photography business even if you don’t do high fashion shoots. Models are key to building your portfolio,… Read More

How to Fly with Your Photography Gear

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Have you ever wondered how to travel with your photography gear? Here are some of my best photographer travel tips! The expensive stuff always goes in the carry-on! Never check your camera gear or computers! If you are traveling to do a job and your checked case with your cameras gets lost — you are out of luck. Check with your specific airline to find out their carry-on requirements. Some… Read More

Know Your Subject, Improve Your Art

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“Wow! That was a lucky shot!” We’ve all heard it. Whether it’s a fabulous photo of wild horses, a stunning landscape, or even that perfect moment during a portrait shoot, most think how lucky to be able to capture such an incredible image. Right time, right place is important but more than luck, it’s knowing your subject that will help you to succeed at getting those amazing shots. Sometimes, we… Read More

Rock Pointe Ranch Gypsy Vanners

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Rock Pointe Ranch Gypsy Vanners Toffee, Bay Tobiano Gypsy Stallion What an absolutely fabulous weekend we had in Floral City, Florida at Rock Pointe Ranch with Nancy Lenaerts, owner of the gorgeous models for our workshop! Despite the weather prediction of a rain out for our workshop date of April 2 we were able to do a mad scramble, thanks to Nancy and the photographers that braved the threat of… Read More

What I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Photography Business

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When I was starting out in business, I loved learning from others who had successfully gone before me. So, now that I’ve been in the game a while and experienced some success, I’m the one who gets asked the questions. That’s why I want to share with you 3 things I wish I’d known when I first started my photography business as well as what my successful photography friends and… Read More

How to Create Stunning Black Background Portraits

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With style and class, black background portraits are a popular request in equine portrait sessions. How do you do it? I’m going to break down the simple way you can design stunning black background portraits. First, the very basics for doing black background images are simple. Place the horse in the doorway of a dark barn. Be sure all background doors and windows are closed, lights off. On a rare… Read More

Tips for Photographing Wild Horses

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If you can, I highly suggest you head to where the wild ones are. You may choose to head west where you will find Wild Horses in ten states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.  In the east, we do have Wild Horses in the following states as well: Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. I will not get into the politics… Read More

Photographing Horses at Liberty

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Everyone loves to have pictures of horses at liberty, running freely alone or in groups, doing what horses do naturally. First, and most importantly, always consider the safety of the horse and yourself or any helpers you may have on hand. If you are going to pressure your horse to move out at liberty, make sure that pressure is gentle and you don’t push them too hard. The best pictures… Read More

St. Augustine Horses on the Beach Workshop 2022

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Our St. Augustine Horses on the Beach Workshop 2022 was amazing! Thanks to the hard work of my co-leader, Cara Taylor Swift of Fast Horse Photography for the fabulous team of models and horses she organized for our three shoots on the beach and at the Florida Agricultural Museum. We had a talented group of twelve photographers participate again this year, and they have been turning out some fantastic work…. Read More

Art of the Cowgirl 2022

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Art of the Cowgirl in Queen Creek, Arizona was great! Kimberly Beer and myself host the Photography Clinic for the AOTC each year. Let me tell you, the 2022 event at the Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre did not disappoint! If you’re not familiar with Art of the Cowgirl, here is their Mission Statement: “In order to encourage and assist emerging artists of the western genre, Art of the Cowgirl… Read More

How to Shoot Winter Scenes

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While we don’t get a lot of snow (or any) here in Georgia, winter shooting is one of my absolute favorite things to do. So, here are my personal tips for heading out into that beautiful wintry scene to capture some snow images. Focus on Contrast Autofocus can have a hard time when everything is white. It helps to focus on something dark. Your camera’s autofocus system uses contrast to… Read More

Passive Income for Photographers

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Passive photography income is income that you work on once and then sells over and over again without you putting any more effort in. It’s the ultimate approach to diversifying your income as a photographer. And it’s how to earn money while you sleep. One of the most important things you can do is to see how diversifying your photography income can help you mitigate any future downturns in business…. Read More

Event Photography Basics

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Here are some basic tips for getting great shots at equine events. Know Your Events No matter what type of equine event photography you choose, it’s important to know your events. Each event has its own rules and skills, and understanding those rules is an important part of mastering your photography. As you understand what happens in each event, you’ll learn the best location to shoot from, what to look… Read More

How Capturing Details Gives A New Point of View

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When you think about horse photography, you might think of a photo of a horse standing, or maybe running, and that image could be the whole horse. If you want to try something different, concentrate on details. Capturing details can be the close-up of a horse’s eye. Step back and zoom in, and observe what reflects in the eye – is it you or something else in the background? Are… Read More


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It’s true that sometimes you have to wander off a little to find your path, or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  Each year I say I’m going to fly when it’s time for our Dryhead Ranch Retreat but then I find someone that’s willing to venture down the road with me and I choose to drive. This time it was Vanessa with Faithway Cattle right… Read More

2021 Art of the Cowgirl

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  What a fantastic week we had in Bozeman, Montana at Art of the Cowgirl! Kim Beer and I host the Photography Clinic each year where we mentor and guide 12 eager photographers through hands on instruction and real life experience shooting at an event. At the completion of the week when images are all edited each photographer has the opportunity to have their images shared by Art of the… Read More

Road Tripping with Christy

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I have to say there’s not much better than road tripping with friends, especially if it’s a fellow photographer that understands that we may put on the brakes and pull over (or make a U turn) for any random subject, at any time! A few months back I signed up for an event another fellow photographer friend was having in Oklahoma. Chrissy Mathey with Southern Vibes Photography is based in… Read More

St Augustine 2021 Fabulous Once Again!!!

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This is the fourth year we have hosted a workshop in St Augustine and each year my colleague, Cara with Fast Horse Photography has out done herself. This year was no exception, when she talked about the Pegasus wings last year I have to admit I was skeptical but thanks to a little help from Sandy and Howard Hebert, she pulled it off again! You see, so much of the… Read More


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Never underestimate the power of networking, I met Maizie through a mutual friend, Kinsey Artfitch. Maizie helped me out last year during the pandemic with some product photography for Weaver Leather. Her parents are from Louisiana, they lived in Idaho previously but have called Georgia home for the past 14 years. There a total of 9 kids, four boys and five sisters. Maizie worked at Cherokee Park Ranch in Colorado… Read More

My Personal Photography Project for 2021

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In this crazy, upside down world of COVID we all need to find something to fuel our creative spirit and take our thoughts to another place. I love personal projects, I’ve done quite a few over the years. One thing I did in December was join Shelley Paulsen’s group the Rise Up Photography Challenge. What started for a week has now grown into a weekly challenge for a year. So… Read More

Equestrians of Color Project

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I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about a wonderful new Photography Project I am a part of. It’s for Equestrians of Color and I’m honored to document old friends and some new friends lives with their horses. “The Equestrians of Color Photography Project (EOCP) was created to amplify the voices of equestrians of color who have stories they want to share with our community. First and foremost,… Read More

Working outside my comfort zone.

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I had lots of items on my to do list of things to keep me busy during our “quarantine time”. Spring and now summer has come and gone and I’ve only gotten to a few of them, seems I’d rather be outside in the yard, on the trails or paddling down the river than sitting inside doing office work. Although I have to admit one of my favorite things to do… Read More

Our Cross Country Trip to Dryhead Ranch

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What a crazy year this has been and yes, like most of you I’d like to mark if off and head on to 2021. The travel ban has hit my business hard but thanks to five intrepid photographers and my co-leader, Kim Beer,  I was able to make it out west for our Dryhead Ranch retreat in July. Marion, Libby, and Christy joined me on a cross country road trip… Read More

Let’s Talk About Light

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Just a side note: Soon I will be headed west for our Dryhead Ranch Workshop in Montana. Even though our original group of eleven photographers has shrunk to five intrepid souls still eager to get out and go, I’m very excited about this trip. Three of the ladies are joining me on a cross country road trip with a stop in North Dakota to photograph the wild horses of Theodore… Read More

Light at the end of the Tunnel

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  Hey guys so much to talk about! Just a reminder that our Fall Workshop at Southern Cross Guest Ranch in Georgia is still on as of right now. There is an added supplement shoot on Sunday afternoon at a local farm, Classic City Clydesdales.  We do have a few spaces left and would love to have you join us! If you do sign up and we have to cancel,… Read More

The Sunshine State – St Augustine 2020

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The Sunshine State wasn’t quite so sunny and warm this year but a good time was had by all for our yearly Horses on the Beach Workshop in St Augustine, Florida. We had three sessions on the beach this time with a Saturday afternoon session at the Florida Agricultural Museum. Hoping to dodge the rain we got lucky Friday afternoon and Saturday morning with showers looming overhead. But nothing could… Read More

Art of the Cowgirl Phoenix, AZ 2020

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Last year my colleague, Kimberly Beer and I, had the privilege of being asked to host a Photography Workshop for the 2019 Horsemanship, Cow Working, and Ranch Roping Clinic in Montana put on by Art of the Cowgirl. It was a great success so they asked us to do something similar for their main event in Phoenix, AZ this past January. We mentored four fabulous photographers eager to learn and… Read More

Welcome to the south and Southern Cross Guest Ranch!

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What an absolute fun time was had by all at our first Photography Workshop held at Southern Cross Guest Ranch. It’s a family run guest ranch in beautiful Madison, Georgia. Home to well over 150 quality Paint and Quarter horses, the ranch is best known for its exceptional hands-on horseback riding program, personalized riding experience, and peaceful, comfortable setting. This year they opened the facility up to a very eager group… Read More

Photographers I Follow

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Dallas Pet Photography Northeast Florida Equine Photographer  Ride The Sky Photography    

Fun in the Sun – St Augustine Workshop 2019

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Oh my goodness, what an absolutely fantastic group of eager photographers, models, helpers and horses we had at our second annual St Augustine Workshop in February! A huge THANK YOU to my friend and colleague, Cara with Fast Horse Photography, who really knows how to get the right people together for a workshop. For a crowning touch the perfect hair and makeup was expertly designed by Kira and Nikki with Onsite Muse Florida for our styled shoots with models and… Read More

Trainer to the Stars (Equine Stars that is)

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L O O K ….. PhyllisBurchettPhoto has a new BLOG Post and it’s all about us and her trip to New York! In March I had the pleasure of heading to New York to photograph for Cari Swanson at Windrock Farm. My friend Suzanne joined me so we spent a day in the city being tourists before heading to Amenia to visit Cari. The last time I visited New York City… Read More

Happy New 2017!

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Whether you are a professional or an amateur, I think we have all found ourselves in a rut at one time or another photographically.  A new year is a great time to explore ideas and inspiration to help spark creativity. So I ask….What is your goal for your photography this year? Personal projects are one of the best ways to grow as a photographer. Pushing yourself to try new things or seek out… Read More

It’s been too long!

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Hello…how you doing?!?! It’s been too long, way too long since my last blog post…..there is so much to tell you! I’m going to start this long overdue post with some how to information on panning. You may ask what is panning AND why would I want to do that?!?! Panning is the horizontal movement of the camera as it scans a moving subject, proper panning implies motion.  No one can guarantee perfect pans,… Read More

Shoot For Yourself

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In 2001, on a trip to the Canadian Rockies, our guide had a Nikon N65 Film Camera. I came home smitten with photography and bought one for myself….thus began my love affair with photography. I don’t come from a photography background, I never had friends that were interested in photography.I have no formal training in art. I love to create but never thought of myself as creative. My very first… Read More

Happy New 2015!

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The soul can not think without a picture.  ~ Aristotle I think like Aristotle! That is definitely a stretch but I do need something to help me visualize ideas. I guess that’s why I love sites like Pinterest, where you can pin ideas to a board to use later. You can follow me  at I’d love to see you there and I will try to follow you back! BACK BUTTON FOCUS… Read More

Picture the People in your Life

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Framed It has been my wonderful pleasure to meet and photograph the nicest people over the years. I am always on a quest to learn and grow in my photographic process. It truly is all about the journey and not the destination because you never stop learning in this business. When I approach portraiture I try to create portraits that are creative. I always try to strive for something different,… Read More

Nevada….Old Friends, New Friends

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Beautiful, Friesian Stallion Xander I just recently returned home from a fabulous trip to Reno, Nevada. I had planned a trip in October to photograph the beautiful Equine Breeds of Poland but due to other committments beyond my control had to cancel. Then Tamara Gooch posted her new trip “The Horses That Dreams Are Made Of” and it fit into my schedule perfectly so I couldn’t say no. I called… Read More

Iceland Equine Tour 2014

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This year was my second trip to Iceland where we stayed at a horse farm in the south to photograph the stunning scenery and it’s famous inhabitants, the Icelandic Horse. Staying on the farm provides both a taste of traditional culture and the chance to experience the Icelandic way of life. The Icelandic Horse has been pure bred in Iceland for 1000 years, no imports are allowed into the country…. Read More

Lessons I Learn From My Dog

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Are you a dog lover? I am. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. There are pros and cons to having a dog in your life. Of course, I believe the pros far outweigh the cons.  Dogs Can Teach Us about Peace, Joy, and Living in the Now. I’ve had a dog all of my life. From purebreds to mutts, I’ve loved them all.  My dog brings me comfort, joy… Read More

Come To The Mill

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I love old mills….heck, I love just about anything old. Then you add gorgeous fall color, red structures and long exposures with water falling softly in beautiful evening light and oh, gosh….you had me at old. I had never seen this mill let alone photographed it so when a friend called the other day and said “you want to go for a ride?”….I was all in. We had to make… Read More


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This is Espie (Espartano). He is a National Champion Andalusian Stallion. I had the pleasure of photographing Espie in Arizona in 2011 thanks to my friend, Bev Pettit. Bev is an amazing photographer/artist, you can see her work at

To Be

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“Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” Henry David Thoreau